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This article presents the fundamental pattern and sequence that we have determined to be most effective when used with the Autochartist solution.

Use Autochartist to help you make smarter trading decisions.

Recognize and respond to market fluctuations that are unusual for the instruments you trade.

Increase market participation by analyzing support and resistance levels

Use our volatility analysis tool to optimise your stop-loss and take-profit levels.

Types of autochartist analysis

The technical and statistical analysis provided by Autochartist allows for the quick identification of developing and closed trade setups. Technical analysis styles include chart patterns, horizontal key levels, Fibonacci patterns, and statistical patterns like big movements and consecutive candles. Analysis methods vary to accommodate all sorts of traders.

Chart Patterns

Autochartist recognises a variety of chart pattern formations, such as wedges, triangles, channels, rounded tops and bottoms, among others. The price action's estimated target area is also indicated by Autochartist.
Horizontal Key Levels

Autochartist Key levels can identify horizontal levels of support or resistance at important price levels. All types of traders favour this analytical type, making it the most common. It is easy to understand, perfect for beginning traders, and extremely useful for more seasoned and advanced traders.
Statistical Patterns

Everyone is curious about the locations of the unusually large market moves since they are always wondering what will happen next. Large market moves are automatically recognised by the Autochartist Big Movements and Consecutive Candle statistical pattern.
Fibonacci Patterns

According to the Golden ratio principle, Autochartist automatically recognises Fibonacci patterns that can graphically show particular levels at which either support or resistance is anticipated. Such levels might be crucial for establishing stop-loss levels and defining trading objectives.
Autochartist for MetaTrader
It is ideal to trade with the Autochartist Market Opportunity scanner. Whether you choose to trade trends or swings, Autochartist's approaching and breakthrough patterns can help you find the action. Utilize the Filters option to tailor the market activity you observe if you have a certain period or kind of trend in mind.
VIP Assistance Our Favorites filter
In the trading platform, VIP users have the flexibility to select their chances so that they only get the very best trade setups based on their historical performance.
Volatility Analysis
Traders may benefit from the automatic and straightforward price range movement levels offered by Autochartist Volatility Analysis. These levels illustrate the degree of volatility present in the markets for all asset classes at a variety of different periods. Setting proper stop-loss and take-profit levels becomes much simpler to carry out as a result of this for traders with less expertise.
Mobile App for Autochartist's VIP Service
Traders have access to chances that have the best chance of helping them reach their goals thanks to the Autochartist Mobile application. Every opportunity is compared to historical results, taking into account the sort of pattern, the instrument, and the time of day it was discovered. Push notifications are sent to traders when a new trade stup is discovered.
Risk Calculator
Traders who are professionals are well aware of the significance of risk management, which requires them to evaluate the potential returns of their investments in relation to the levels of risk they are willing to accept. You may maintain a suitable amount of risk across all of your transactions by using the Autochartist Risk Calculator to assist you in doing so.

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