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Chart Patterns

Before anything else, make sure that you know how to understand charts. You can’t read or write without knowing the alphabet, right? Charts are the alphabet of trading. They are the first step to take before diving into the markets. That’s a lot of first steps, we know, but bear with us. Charts indicate the current and possible future state of price movements. With a single look, you can instantly make a brief analysis and find some potential entry points. Everything is pretty fast in the markets, so you gotta be quick. To be quick, you must learn to recognize patterns. To learn that, you can read the eBook.

  • Spot short/long term forecasts
  • Find out about the market sentiment
  • Be prepared for unexpected price movements
  • Find entry points
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These are not the kind that smells good when you light them. But they come in handy in trading. Candlesticks provide data just like those boring bar charts, but candlesticks come in colors! Colors do more than looking pretty, of course, they indicate whether the price dropped or rose in a certain time frame. If blocks in the body are filled or colored, it means the closing price is lower than the opening price. If it’s vice versa, the body will be white or empty. Also, there are common candlestick shapes that give away valuable information. Hammers, Shooting Stars, Dojis, and other cool candlestick pattern names are explained in this eBook.

  • Learn how to read candlesticks
  • Popular candlestick formations
  • Detect trend reversals with candlesticks
  • Learn about body & shadow and check price
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Strategy Building

Think of all those Monopoly games you’ve played before. You’ve had a strategy even in the game, right? Because it all starts with a great strategy… Embezzling some cash from the box is not an option.

But how do you build your winning formula? To a beginner, it might seem hard. Luckily, you are here in good hands. First things first, you should learn the essentials of technical analysis. No one probably has enough money to create a strategy through trial-and-error, so it’s your best bet. Make sure you start your journey the right way.

  • CFD experts: Who are they, and can they be trusted?
  • News effect on the markets
  • Building a trend-based strategy
  • Popular trading methods
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Moving Averages

There is no doubt that charts are a major tool for trading. However, it is technically impossible to know everything about the market, everything changes swiftly, and many agents that can alter the whole market. At that point, you have a secret weapon at your disposal: Moving Averages.

Better yet, it has two firing modes: simple moving average and exponential moving average.

  • How to Read Moving Averages?
  • Difference between Short Moving Average & Exponential Moving Average
  • How to use the regular Moving Average?
  • Applying Moving Averages on charts
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Pivot Point

Pivot points are… literally points. But not your simple everyday points. They represent the average of the open, high, low, and close prices over a given time frame. So, you are going to use them for what? To calculate support and resistance levels! How? Flip the cover of the eBook and find out now.

  • A deeper look at Pivot Points
  • How to spot Pivot Points on charts?
  • Use Pivot Points to your advantage
  • Develop counter strategies based on Pivot Points
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Reversal Patterns

Once in a while, an event occurs in the markets. A moment that takes only a couple of seconds. A moment that many investors wish to guess beforehand. That moment is the trend reversal. And you don’t need to be an oracle to pinpoint that moment.

You just need to look for signs and patterns. Well, maybe a bit like an oracle, isn’t it? Learning how to do that on trading charts and gaining invaluable insight through them isn’t that hard. Start reading this eBook, and you’ll be able to impress your trader friends with your prophecies!

  • How to spot a trend reversal
  • Major Trend Reversal Patterns
  • Momentum loss & Momentum gain
  • Decide on the entry point
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